Sightseeing in Paris -

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I've split the text up into buildings, walks and bus trips, and artists.

InvalidesPont AlexandreVictor Noir's gravePantheonLuxembourg


Assemblee National The home of French politics, and a beautiful building with an interesting history.
Bridges over the Seine Too many to mention, but do visit the overblown Alaxandre, which will always be my favourite.
Carnavalet Museum This museum is dedicated to the history of Paris, and entrance is free. It is open fron 10am - 6 pm every day except Mondays and some public holidays. The nearest metro stations are Saint-Paul on Line 1 or Chemin Vert on Line 8. Buses are 29, 69, 76, 96.
St. Clotilde church A beautiful, and still much-used church, with some interesting original features.
Cluny museum In the 5th. See the famous tapestries, and don't forget the Roman baths.
Cognacq-Jay museum Specialising in art from the 18th century.
La Defense Stark modernity, but stunning.
St. Denis Where the French kings are buried, and the heart of the last one can be seen in a glass case.
Eiffel Tower In the 7th. Marvellous by both day and night. The best views of it are from the Champs des Mars, Trocadero, or if the weather is bad from the cafe at the top of the Montparnasse tower. The 69 and 89 bus terminus is near the tower.
Invalides In the 7th. Huge place full of military history and Napoleon's tomb.
La Defense Just outside the city. Love it or loath it, you cannot fail to be impressed. Get out a metro stop Esplanade de La Defense if it isn't raining. Good place for a picnic. Catch the 73 bus back to Paris.
Hotel Lauzun One of the prettiest houses from the outside, and a museum on the inside.
Longchamp racecourse Where the Prix de Arc de Triumphe is run.
Louvre In the 1st. Paintings, sculptures, objet d'art, and a marvellous building. Free entry on the 1st Sunday of each month.
Madeleine In the 8th. Visit the crypt.
Malmaison In the suburbs. Well worth a day trip. Napoleon's rooms, Josephine's rooms, and in summer a wonderful garden. However there few toilet facilities, and places to eat.
The Marais Once a marsh, then a fashinable residential area, then neglected, now fashinable again. A great place to shop, eat or visit small museums.
Museum of modern art Picasso, Picaba etc.
Notre Dame In the 4th on Ile de la Cite.
Opera Garnier Amazing both inside and out.
Orsay Museum In the 7th. Used to be a railway station. The place for the impressionists, and painting and sculpture from 1848 - 1919.
Pantheon In the 5th. Not nearly so high as the Eiffel tower, but do take one of the tours up to the roof as it is well worth it, you will get unforgettable views of the Latin quarter.
Palais du Luxembourg In the 6th. Entry is restricted to Sundays and security is tight.
Père Lachaise The big cemetery in the 20th. Buy a map which shows the graves of the famous, or just wander around. It is huge.
Petit Palais In the 8th. Renovations are nearly finished, and entry is free.
Pompidou Centre Designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. The inside-out building holding one of the biggest modern art collections in the world. Entry is free on the first Sunday of every month
Sacré Coeur In the 18th. Marvellous views, so try to go on a clear day.
St. Michel In the 6th. The must-see fountain, and a convenient place to meet friends.
Versailles In the suburbs. Rather empty inside, and long queues. The gardens are worth the visit though.
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