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Les Romans de le decadence by Thomas Couture

Les Romans de le decadence by Thomas Couture, 1815 - 1879

A good excuse to show nakedness was to disapprove of it, as the two characters on the right of this painting are so obviously doing. Couture is perhaps better known as the teacher of Manet.


Charles Garnier

On the left, Charles Garnier, relatively unknown till he won the competition to design the Paris Opera, and much neglected during his lifetime. But the beautiful Opera has outlasted all those who ignored him and they are long forgotten. And the locals, who know best, now call it the Opera Garnier.

Below, a reproduction of the original ceiling of the Opera. This ceiling is still there a few inches behind the new, Chagall one. Perhaps they were worried that the Chagall might give them something a little too daring!

Original ceiling of Opera Garnier

Coquelicots by Claude Monet
Coquelicots by Claude Monet
James McNeill Wistler's Mother
James McNeill Wistler's Mother
Le berceau by Berthe Morisot

Le berceau by Berthe Morisot

On the left, Berthe Morisot was one of the few female artists working seriously during the impressionist period.

Below, Burial at Ornans by Gustave Courbet, 1819 - 1877. Courbet was born in Ornans.

Burial at Ornans by Gustave Courbet, 1749-50

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