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Left, a view of the Panthéon up a narrow street on a dull day. Commissioned as a church by Louis XV, and designed by Soufflot. It was completed just as the French Revolution was starting.

It is now houses France's illustrious dead, e.g. Voltaire, Rousseau, Hugo, Zola amongst others.

It is possible to climb the steps to reach the outside of the base of the dome. Whilst this is not nearly as high up as the Eiffel Tower, the view is a superb and much more intimate sight of the rooftops of the Latin Quarter. more about the Pantheon

The Lady with the unicorn

The Cluny Museum, or Musée National du Moyen-Age

Above right is one of a series of large tapestries in the Cluny Museum (right). The series is called The Lady with the unicorn, and this particular one is "A mon seul desir".

The subject of the series is the power of love. In this tapestry lust (unicorn) and ferocity (lion) kneel before chastity (the female).

The Cluny Museum, or Musée National du Moyen-Age is a 15th century mansion. The photograph on the right shows the back view.

The museum houses works of art from the middle ages, and is famous for its tapestries.


Cluny Museum
St Etienne du Mont

Roman baths

On the same site as the Cluny are the Roman baths dating from the 3rd century.

The baths were complete with frigidarium, tepidarium, calderarium and 3 further rooms built over the hypocaust (under-floor heater).

On the left is St.Etienne du Mont, a beautiful church located at the side of the Pantheon.

On the right is part of the old wall of Paris in rue Clovis, one of the streets heading off the back of the Pantheon.

the old wall of Paris, rue Clovis, 5th arrondissment
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