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List of paintings featured

Leonardo da Vinci, sketch possibly a study for the Benois Madonna, 1478 - 80. Peter Paul Rubens, Battle of Anghiari
Leonardo de Vinci/ Lorenzo de Credi, Annunciation 1478 - 85. Ferdinand Bol, 1616 - 1680
Leonardo da Vinci, sketches for "The adoration of the Kings" c.1480. Peiter de Hooch, The card players, c. 1660
Leonardo da Vinci, study for the "Madonna Litta", c. 1480. Rembrant, Bathsheba bathing
Leonardo da Vinci, study for the Adoration of the Kings (1481 - 2). Watteau, Gilles, 1712
Leonardo da Vinci, Portrait of Isabella d'Este, c.1500. Francois Boucher, Le dejeuner 1739
Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, c.1505 - 1514. Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, Madame de Sorquainville 1749
Leonardo da Vinci, "Virgin of the Rocks" 1482-3. Domenico Tiepolo, The carnival dance
Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin and Child with St. Anne 1508-10 Jean-Honore Fragonard, The falls of Tivoli
Leonardo da Vinci, study for the drapery of Virgin and Child with St. Anne Claude Joseph Vernet, View of the Bay of Naples (detail)
Leonardo da Vinci, study for Virgin and Child with St. Anne, 1508-10 Louis-Michel van Loo, Denis Diderot 1767
Leonardo da Vinci, St John the Baptist, 1515. Jean-Francios Janinet 1752-1814, Madeline Rose Bertin
Giorgione and/or Titian Fete Champetre Jaques Louis David, Madame Verniac, 1799, The oath of the Horatii 1785.
Michelangelo Merisi, aka Caravaggio, The Fortune Teller, c. 1594 Marius Granet, View of the interior of the coliseum at Rome, c. 1804
Fontainbleau school Gabrielle d'Estrees and sister c. 1595 Theodore Gericault, The raft of the Medusa 1819
Hans Holbein (the younger), Erasmus, c. 1600 Eugene Delacroix, The massacre at Scios 1824
Frans Hals, the jester on the lute, c. 1624, Rene Descartes, c. 1649 Frederic Bourgeoise de Mercey c. 1836
Peter Paul Rubens Abraham Mignon

Fontainbleau school, Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her sisters in the bath

Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her sisters in the bath

On the left a painting of the Fontainbleau school entitled Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her sisters in the bath, c. 1595, oil on wood, 96 x 125 cm.

Gabrielle d'Estrees was the mistress of Henry IV. In her hand she holds a ring given to her by the king as a sign of their bond, and her sister is pinching her nipple indicating she is pregnant with the king's child. In the background a lady is sewing baby clothes.

Madame de Sorquainville by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau

Madame de Sorquainville by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, 1749.

Madame de Sorquaunville presided over a salon - a small gathering of intelligent men and women gathered together by a gifted hostess who need be neither young nor rich, just highly civilised and with an eye for talent and bringing out the best in her guests.

Right, Erasmus by Hans Holbein (the younger) c. 1600.

Erasmus by Hans Holbein

On the right , Fete Champetre by Giorgione and/or Titian, c. 1500.

Fete Champetre

Below, The card players by Pieter de Hooch, c. 1660.

This painting shows how the interiors of the bourgeois houses in Holland at that time had changed from the clean and simple style of previous years to the fancy and elaborate. This change in interior decoration followed the increase in fortunes of the Dutch merchant classes.

Bathsheba bathing by Rembrant, right. Bathsheba is holding King David's letter.

The card players by de Hooch
Bathsheba bathing, Rembrant
Rene Descartes by Hals

Left, Rene Descartes by Hals c. 1649.

Descartes started life as a soldier, but preferred thinking, "I think , therefore I am". His main point being the possibility of doubting everything except doubt.

Right, Frans Hals, the Jester on the lute, c. 1624. oil on canvas, 70 x 62 cm.

Frans Hals, The jester on the Lute
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