Napoleon's rooms at Chateau de Malmaison -

Ground floor, Napoleon's rooms, Josephine's rooms
Council chamber detail

Napoleon's council chamber

The photograph above left shows the detail above the door of the council chamber. The council chamber is actually located on the ground floor, but is so definitely Napoleon's room that I have included it here.

The room is furnished like a campaign tent. With the striped fabric so popular throughout Europe at that time forming the tent. The eagle motif can be found throughout the house, and echoes the Roman Imperial eagles.

On the right is a stool in the style of a folding camp stool. The legs are in the form of sabres. Malmaison stool
Napoleon's bed

Napoleon's bedroom

On the left is Napoleon's bedroom. The bed is on a raised platform probably to keep it out of draughts. The overhanging curtain would also help to keep the heat in on cold nights.

Although Napoleon and Josephine had separate bedroom they are believed to have slept together quite often. It was normal in those days for husband and wife to each have their own bedrooms, and even their own suite of rooms if they could afford it.


Napoleon's dressing case

Napoleon's dressing case

On the left is Napoleon's dressing case. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship, and this photograph does not do it justice. It is filled with every device that would be required in those days to make a man presentable.

In those days bathing was not done as often as it is now, so people and their clothes smelled. This smell was disguised by copious quantities of scent by the rich.

Malmaison did not contain a single bathroom at the time Napoleon and Josephine occupied it. If they wanted a bath the bath would be carried into the room followed by a procession of servants carrying water.

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