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List of the bridges over the Seine in Paris

From Pont National in the 12/13th to Pont du Garigliano in the 15/16th there are 32 bridges over the Seine. Here they are listed as the river flows downstream. Where two bridges are listed at the same place the one on the south bank is listed first.
Pont National
Pont de Tolbiac
Pont de Bercy
Pont Charles de Gaulle
Pont dAusterlitz
Pont de Sully
Pont de la Tournelle to Ile Saint Louis, then Pont Marie from Ile Saint Louis
Pont de l'Archevêché to Ile de la Cité, Pont St-Louis between the islands, Pont Louis Philippe from Ile Saint Louis
Pont au Double to Ile de la Cité, then Pont d'Arcole
Petit Pont to Ile de la Cité, then Pont Notre Dame
Pont St. Michel to Ile de la Cité, then Pont au Change
Pont Neuf
Pont des Arts
Pont du Carrousel
Pont Royal
Passerelle Solferino
Pont de la Concorde
Pont Alexandre III
Pont des Invalides
Pont de l'Alma
Passerella Debilly
Pond d'Iena
Pont de Bir Hakeim
Pont de Grenelle
Pont Mirabeau

Pont du Garigliano

Pint Alexandre III
Above a gilded statue on top of one of the pillars of Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre Pont Anexandre (detail)
Pont Alexandre pillar

Pont Alexandre, above and below, is the most ornate bridge in Paris, and my favourite. It is constructed from steel and stone in the Art Nouveau style. It was opened by the last Russian Tzar, Nicholas II, who also laid the foundation stone, in 1900 to celebrate the Franco-Russian alliance. And it was named in memory of his father. It spans the Seine between the 7th and 8th arrondissements, from Invalides to avenue Winston Churchill, leading to the Champs-Elysées. This makes a truly great vista, and a marvellous walk in any weather.

Pont Alexandre statue

The photographs on the left were taken from Pont de la Concorde. Below you can see three of the the four pillars surmounted by magnificent gilded statues, and in the middle a close up of one of the statues just before a cloudburst.

Pont Alexandre pillar
Pont Alexandre III, Paris Below, the four gilt-topped pillars of the Pont Alexandre III, Paris' most ornate bridge, and my favourite. Taken from outside les Invalides.
Pont du Carrousel

Pont du Carrousel

Pont du Carrousel on the left, crosses the Seine at the Louvre, and was built in 1833-4.

Pont au Change

Pont au Change, on the right, crosses the Seine from Chatelet to Ile de la Cité. It got its name because of all the business that was done on the old bridge on which goldsmiths and moneychangers built their shops and homes. The present bridge dates from 1859.

Pont au Change
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