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Click on the links or photographs below for information on the various places of interest. I've split the text up into places, walks and bus trips, and artists.
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Walks, buses etc.

Promenade Planté

A child-safe, raised walk along an old railway line that has been turned into a series of gardens.

Allee aux Cygnes

Samuel Beckett and James Joyce's favourite after dinner walk.

Pere Lachaise

Visit the graves of the famous and not so famous.

La Defense - Arc de Triomphe - Champs Elysées - Place de la Concorde - Orsay Museum by bus

At La Defense go down to the bus station and get on the no. 73 - La Defense is the terminus. For the price of a but ticket you will be driven round the Arc de Triomphe, down the Champs Elysées, round Place de la Concorde (you may want to get off here and walk through the Tuilleries to the Louvre), and across the Seine to the terminus at the Orsay Museum. Or you can do it the other way.

Eiffel Tower - Invalides - Orsay Museum - Louvre - Hotel de Ville - Bastille bus trip

After you've been up the tower walk up the Champs des Mars to where the buses are. Get on the 69, it is the terminus. This bus goes past Invalides, the Orsay Museum, crosses the Seine, drives along the side of the Louvre along the river bank, past the Hotel de Ville, and on to Bastille. Or you could do the journey the other way. Then the buss will go down Rue du Rivoli and through the Louvre arch (a really nifty bit of driving) and into the courtyard which is stunning at night. Be careful getting on at Bastille though. This is not the terminus, so make sure you get on a 69 heading for Champs des Mars - look at the front of the bus.

Eiffel Tower - St. Sulpice - Odeon/Blvd. St. Germain - Cluny Museum - Latin Quarter - Ile St. Louis - Bastille bus trip

This is part of the route of the 87 bus. The terminus is Champs des Mars, the park between the Eiffel Tower and Ecole Militaire. This bus and the 69 follow 2 great routes to see Paris. The 69 goes mainly north of the Seine and the 87 keep mainly to the south. By choice I would take this one from Champs des Mars and the 69 from Bastille.

La Defense - the best approach

I like to get off the Metro at Esplanade then walk up. I have mixed feelings about the architecture, but it is stunning. As you approach there are malls on the left.

The bridges over the Seine

Take one of the many boat trips up and down the Seine.

Invalides - Pont Alexandre - avenue Winston Churchill - Champs-Elysées walk

This is just a short walk, but it gives you lovely views of Paris. Pont Alexandre is the most ornate bridge over the Seine, and avenue Winston Churchill takes you past the Petit and Grand Palais to the Rond Point on the Champs-Elysées.


This place can be very crowded, so go early to avoid the queues. The audio guide is good. But best of all are the gardens behind the Chateau. Even better is if you can rent bicycles for the day and take a picnic.

Fete de la Musique

On the 21st of June there is music everywhere in Paris. Inside and outside cafes, on the street, in the metro stations, in the parks, even in hospitals. All kinds of music played by anyone from professionals to amateurs. Some of the listing magazines list some of what is on, but nowhere will you find a comprehensive list. So unless there is something specific you'd like to see, the best thing to do is pick an area and walk around.

A day at the races

The Bois de Boulogne has two race courses, for as little as 4€ you can spend the day there.


This is a double-deck bus tour around the city taking in all the major sights. This tour is really good value for money if you buy the two day ticket which is currently 29 euros. You get off and on the bus when you like at any of the 50 different stopping points. There are 4 interlinked routes. You can buy your ticket on any of the OpenTour buses. When you buy your ticket you get a booklet with a map of the routes, a personal set of headphones, and a booklet of discount tickets for various shops etc. The tours are in 9 languages. Remember to keep your ticket and your headphones when you get off the bus.


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