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Sacre Coeur

Sacré Coeur

This photograph shows Sacré Coeur on the hill of Montmartre. It was taken through one of the windows of the clock of the Musée d'Orsay! Building work was started in 1875, but was not completed till after WW1 in 1919. It was built to commemorate the martyrs of the commune in 1871. There is a fantastic view of Paris from the top of the basilica steps, but if you are too tired or hot to climb up there is a funicular railway, the fare is one metro/bus ticket.

Designed by the architecht Paul Labadie. The stone used in its construction is not the local stone used for most of Paris, but comes from Chaeau-Landon. It has the strange property of whitening with

Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Paris

age. The stone secretes calcium when wet, so automatically bleaches itself.


At the bottom of the hill is the Pigalle area - the red-light district. Around the back of the basilica is Place du Tertre where artists will clamour to paint or sketch your portrait.

Moulin Rouge

On the right is the Moulin Rouge on Boulevard de Clichy. This was the home of the can-can, but is now largely a place for tourists. Moulin means windmill in French, and at one time there were over 30 working windmills in the Montmartre area.

Sacre Coeur, Paris,  at night

The fuzzy image above was taken from the roof of the Montparnasse Tower at night.

Moulin Rouge, Paris
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