Egyptian antiquities in the Louvre Museum -

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Grand sphinx of Tanis

Grand Sphinx of Tanis

On the left is the Grand Sphinx of Tanis. From the Middle Kingdom, XII Dynasty,

around 1850 BC. It is carved out of pink granite, and is 183 cm tall.

On the right is the Genie of Nile flooding. It is made of bronze and dates from around 644 - 332. The Genie is wearing a headdress of tied papyrus reeds as he presents a table of offerings.

The Genie of Nile flooding

On the left is a family dating from around 1500 BC, and painted to appear life-like. Note that the females have lighter skin than the males. At that time light skin was a desireable thing in a female.

And above a small statuette from around 664 - 332 BC.

On the right a group of servants to be entombed with a mummy, from around 1069 - 945 BC. Group of tomb servants
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