Paintings in the Louvre Museum,

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Below, Michelangelo Merisi, aka Caravaggio, The Fortune Teller, c. 1594.

Right, Frederic Bourgeoise de Mercey c. 1836.Caravaggio, the fortune teller

Frederic Bourgeoise de Mercey c. 1836

The raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault, 1819.

This depicts a true story. The Medusa foundered on her way to Senegal. The sailors made a raft for 149 of the passenfers and then the sailors got into boats and started to tow the raft behind them. However after a while they tired of the slow pace they were making and cut the raft free, and rowed on alone. Miraculously a few of the passengers survived to tell the sad tale.

The raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault, 1819
View of the interior of the collesium at Rome, by Marius Granet, c. 1804

Left, View of the interior of the coliseum at Rome, by Marius Granet, c. 1804.

Madeline Rose Bertin by Jean-Francios Janinet 1752-1814.

This charming watercolour on the right was painted around 1780 and shows Marie Antionette's dressmaker Rose Bertin. She was born in Picardy in 1741 in a humble family. She trained as a dressmaker, then moved to Paris. By 1770 she was able to open her own shop at rue Saint-Honoré.

From the mid 770s she was Marie-Antoinette's principle clothes stylist. She always allowed Maris-Antoinette to wear the new styles first. She attended the queen twice a week. In 1792 (the year of the revolution) she left France, but returned in the late 1790s. She died in 1813.

Madeline Rose Bertin by Janinet
Ferdinand Bol
Left, Ferdinand Bol, 1616 - 1680.
Abraham Mignon, flowers in a crystal vase Both of the paintings left and right are by Abraham Mignon . The one on the left is titled Flowers in a crystal vase, and on the right A bouquet of flowers. He is not very famous, but I find his paintings charming and so detailed even down to tiny insects crawling on the flowers. Abraham Mignin, a bouquet of flowers
Below a painting, c. 1615, by Peter Paul Rubens, 1577 - 1640.
Peter Paul Rubens
The virgin and child
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