The inside of Carnavalet Museum, Paris 1, 2, 3, 4

On the right, Louis XIV visiting the Hotel Royal des Invalides (as it was then known), on 26th Agust 1706. Oil on canvas. Invalides, Louis XIV visiting the Hotel Royal des Invalides on 26th Agust 1706

17th century fireplace

Left a 17th century fireplace which has been transferred to the Caranvalet museum in its entirety from a house which was destroyed to make way for Haussmann's modernisations in the 19th century.

Below Louis XVI in 1777 by Joseph-Siffrède Duplessis (1725-1802). Louis XVI reigned 1774 - 1792. He was married to Marie Antoinette in 1770, and guillotined in what is now Place de la Concorde in 1792.

Louis XVI by Duplessis

A music room in the style popular during the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI. During that time music rooms were popular, however there were no such things as dining rooms in most houses. When a meal was to be served the servants simply set up a table of a suitable size, then removed it afterwards.

The chest with two drawers is by Jacques Dubois.

The blue vase is Chinese from the Kien-Long period.

The blue sofa is by Philippe-Joseph Pluvinet.

The chairs by François Reuze.

The rug is 19th century and by Karabagh.
The harp is by Jean-Henri Nadermann.

Below a close up view of the pannelling on the walls of the music room.

Music room in Caranavalet Museum Paris

detail of the music room in Carnavalet museum Paris

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