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8th arrondissment, Petit Palais exterior, paintings, interior
La Famme au singe, Camille Alaphilippe Marquetry, Petit Palais, Tuck gallery

On the left La feme au singes (1908) by Camille Alaphillipe (1874-1934).
Above a marquetry cabinet, and on the right a sedan chair (1700-1715), both in the Tuck galleries. The sedan chair is beautifully gilded, sculpted and painted on the outside, but plain, dark and horrible on the inside. It cannot have been pleasant sitting inside.

Sedan chair
The Tuck donation was made in 1938, and in order to make the four connectingrooms a more authentic setting panneling was donated at the same time.
China writing set, Petit Palais Sevres flower vases, Petit Palais

On the left a minature writing set in gilded and painted china. Above two Sevres flower vases, and below a decorated cabinet. All are in the Tuck gallery.

Tuck gallery furniture in Petit Palais

The clock on the right is in the Tuck gallery. It was acquired about 10 years ago. The clock is French, made by Jean Moisy, the figurines in the orchestra all have the heads of monkeys and were made in Meissen. Both clock and figurines are 18th century. The clock is still in working order and can play a different tune every hour. It is not known who commissioned the clock, but Madame de Pompadour had a similar one.
Clock by Jean Moisy
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