Architecture in 7th Arrondissment,

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Ave Frederic le Play
narrow house

Above is a building on the Avenue Frédéric de Play with interesting design around the third from top storey. Paris, and especially the 7th, is full of little gems like this. You tend not to find them in guide books - you just have to keep a look out for them.

Narrowest house in Paris

The on the right above is considered to be the narrowest house in Paris, and will often be pointed out to you on the sight-seeing boats that go up and down the Seine. I have never managed to spot it from a boat, so here it is. It is on Quai Voltaire near Pont Royal. I wonder how they manage the stairs?

Quai Anatole France, Paris, 7th arrondissment

Left and below three houses along the quai Anatole France, each with a very different architectural style.

This is a lovely street to stroll along either during the day or at night. In fact a walk from here along to the Latin Quarter would make a very romantic stroll, with dinner or a drink at the end of it.

Quai Anatole France, Paris, 7th arrondissment





Quai Anatole France, Paris, 7th arrondissment
148 rue de Grenelle, 75007, Paris

On the left the beautiful first floor of 148 rue de Grenelle. I walk past this building regularly, and it wasn't until one day traffic stopped me crossing the street that I looked up and saw these two figures.

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