Thu Bon River, Hoi An

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fully loaded ferry

The Thu Bon River at Hoi An

There are few bridges crossing the Thu Bon river, and local roads are not in the best condition, so the river itself is still used as a major highway.

Ferries leave almost every 5 minutes from the market to the villages and towns along the river. The ferries are crowded to capacity with the bicycles and motorbikes piled on the upper decks and the passengers below.

loaded ferry river taxi
boats tied up for Tet

The photograph on the left shows a lady off to the market to do her shopping, rowing past all the boats tied up in the harbour for Tet. The water is full of rubbish.

One thing that did disappoint me about the Vietnamese is that they do not seem to have enough pride in their surroundings to dispose of their rubbish with consideration for others, the environment or esthetics.Sp that makes them pretty much the same as the rest of the world.

On the right you can see the small boats used for going shopping or crossing the river.

family in a boat
family in a boat
shopping by boat
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