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Fast Facts about Hoi An

  • Population around 76,000
  • One of SE Asia's major trading ports during 17 & 18 & 19th centuries.
    UNESCO world heritage site
  • Great place to get clothes made (see shopping page)
  • Good Hotel - An Huy in Old Town

On the right a traditional merchant's house.

Old house with offering to dead
Chinese temple

Hotels and getting around in HoiAn

HoiAn is a fantastic place to stay. The old town is small and if you get a hotel in or just outside there is no need for any kind of transport as everything is within walking distance.

There are cheaper hotels and expensive beach resorts out of the town, but then you will either need to hire a bicycle or motorbike - both quite cheap.

A car is useless in HoiAn as the streets of the old town are just too narrow.

HoiAn Town

The old town is full of really interesting merchants' houses. Many of which like that in the photograph above above are still lived in. Others have been turned into shops and restaurants on the ground floor, and just a few are hotels.

The photograph above shows the offerings put out during Tet (New Year) for the dead. Although this is a good time to see a lot of local customs, it is not a good time to go if you want clothes made as the tailors shut up shop.

On the left is the entrance to Chinese temple, there are quite a few of these of various sizes, and you can visit some of them, though they are all still used by the locals, so do be respectful.

This is Phan Boi Chau, the street where our hotel was. It runs parallel to the Thu Bon River. In the 19th century the mouth of the river silted up so much that it became too shallow for navigation, and other ports took over Hoi An's trade.

Eating in HoiAn

One of the most enjoyable things about HoiAn is the food - I think it is much better than the over-rated Hue cuisine.

Phan Boi Chau
HoiAn noodle stall

The noodles in Hoi An are superb, and you should try the local delicacies of white rose and cau lau.

On the left a lady is setting up her mobile stand. Within a few minutes of this photograph being taken all the seats were filled.

This old tree is covered with creepers creating many crevices into which the locals push incense stick and various other offerings, even little soft toys. offering tree