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Place St. Sulpice

Place St. Sulpice

On the left is Place St. Sulpice, just outside the church made famous by Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code.

This is a lovely part of Paris, and still very residential, with a nice sprinkling of inexpensive cafes and restaurants.

Door Knocker

The 6th is also full of architectural delights. And now that Paris is starting to enforce it's dog poo laws you can afford to enjoy looking up without dreading the awful squelch when you step into something more pungent than a puddle.

On the right one of a pair of gateposts in rue Ferou. A lovely, narrow street at the back of the Palais du Luxembourg.

On the left an ornamental door knocker nearby, I forgot to write down where, so if you find it, let me know.

rue Ferou
rue Andre Mazet & rue St. Andre des-arts On the leftt, at the corner of rue André Mazet and rue St André des-arts.

On the right is a courtyard in rue Monsieur le Prince just opposite the restaurant Polidor.

The painters Antonio Granara and Yves Brayer lived here.

Rue Monsieur le Prince


Academy of Painting and Sculpture

On the right is the Academy of Painting and Sculpture in rue de la Grande Chaumiere.

Every Monday morning models would line up outside hoping to be hired by an artist for the week. You can still attend classes here, and the narrow street is full of artist supplies shops.

Academy of Painting and Sculpture
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