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This huge sculpture, on the right, lies just outside St. Eustache. I didn't like it at first, but over the years is has grown on me. Also now that St. Eustache is being cleaned the colours of the two stones are closer and seem to belong together. Just in front of this is the area which used to house the old food market of Les Halles. This has been turned into an underground shopping mall and a park above ground. The park is a very good place for picnic lunches in fine weather, but is reputedly not a safe place to walk at night.

St Eustache

Below left is St. Eustache church, the second largest Parisian church after Notre Dame. Built in the 16th century this church has marvellous acoustics, and it is well worth sitting through a service for the music alone. And as long as you are quiet and respectful no-one minds.

Liszt and Berlioz both attended performances of their works here, and Charles Gounod was a choirmaster. The outside stonework is being cleaned, and they are doing an excellent job showing the beauty of the stone.

the head
St Eustache

Dehillerin and A. Simon

Just along from St Eustache is the marvellous kitchenware shop Dehillerin at 18 & 20 rue Coquilliere (see below), and around the corner in rue Montmartre is another good kitchenware shop called A. Simon.

Dehillerin is one of my favourite shops in Paris. It sells everything you could want for the kitchen, and a lot more that you probably didn't even know existed. If you need the machine for pressing a duck this is where you can buy one.

The bulk of their business is to the catering trade, and prices are quoted with and without tax, but they do sell to the general public too.

They have a wonderful selection of copper pans, but don't buy the best quality as they will last longer than you! Their own-brand knives are very good, and they stock Global knives cheaper than anywhere else. My whole attitude to cooking changed when I acquired a good knife and started to look after it.

  Dehillerin, kitchenware shop

Bourse de commerce

Bourse du Commerce

Above and right is the Bourse du Commerce. rue des Viarmes. This building replaces the original built by Louis XVI, and dates from 1889. It was where corn, flour and sugar were traded. The photgraph above was taken from just outside St Eustache (see above). On the right is the entrance. The public are allowed in to have a look. There is a beautiful painted ceiling, but no photographs are allowed.

entrance to the Boures de Commerce, rue de Louvre

15 rue de Louvre

15 rue de Louvre

Above and left is 15 rue de Louvre, across from the Bourse de Commerce. I'm not sure what the building houses, but it is very interesting to look at.

Palais de Justice

Right across the Pont au Change is the Palais de Justice (the the ornate gates left), and the Conciergerie on Ile de la Cite.


The Conciergerie used to be the royal palace. However when Charles V left it to move the the Louvre, as he walked out the door he handed the keys to the concierge. And so the old palace became known as the conciergerie. It was later turned into a prison. And now you can see where Marie Antionette was held before she was executed.


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Palais de Justice gates
Above the left are the ornate gates of the Palais de Justice.
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