Buildings in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

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Municipal theatre

The Municipal Theatre

The Municipal Theatre (left) is located between the Continental and Caravelle hotels. It is a popular meeting spot, or a place to watch the world go by.

Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

The Continental hotel is my favourite in Saigon. I've stayed in the Grand and Majestic too, both of which I would highly recommend. However the Continental, in my opinion, has a better location, huge rooms/suites that you immediately feel at home in, and a lovely courtyard for breakfasting in. Unfortunately it does not have a pool.

I find the old rooms in the Grand a little too small for two people, but the hotel itself is lovely and is built around the pool.

The Majestic really does live up to its name, and the public areas are much more impressive than the Continental.

The Central Post Office

On the right and below is the Central Post Office. It was built in the 1880s, and is worth a visit even if you do not have a letter to post.

Central Post Office

Post office inside
Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

On the left is Notre Dame Cathedral, which is just opposite the post office (above). The cathedral is about 130 years old. Inside you may notice that there are no stained glass windows, this is because they were destroyed during the fighting in WWII.

Dung the tailor The tailor's shop on the left has a rather strange name for English speakers, though it is quite a popular name in Vietnam.

The strange pagoda on the right is perched on the 3rd or 4th storey of a modern building, and is only visible because the building in front has been demolished to make way for something new.
strange pagoda
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