Cognacq-Jay Museum 1, 2, 3

Les plaisirs du bain by Jean-Baptiste Pater
Above Les Plaisirs du bain (oil on wood) from the studio of Jean-Baptiste Pater (1675-1756).
Right Madame de Norinival (presumed) by Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732- 1806), painted around 1790. Fragonard was a pupil of Boucher, and their style is often thought of as typically French rococo. Fragonard had a strange death - he died while eating sorbet in a restaurant.

Madame de Norinval by Jean-Honore Fragonard

Henry Bone miniature of Henry Philip Hope

Left Henry Philip Hope a miniature on enamel in 1802 by Henry Bone (1756-1834). Henry Bone was an English enammelist who specialised in "large miniatures".

Right Le retour de la chasse de Diane in 1745 by François Boucher (1703-1770). The model for Diana was the wife of one of Boucher's gilders. The painting was done to be hung over a door. 4 painings were done in all, 2 are in the Wallace Collection in London, and the other is in the U.S. Boucher was Madame Pompadour's protege.

Le retour de la chasse de Diane by Francois Bucher
Right a Bulle-style desk built around 1725. It is inlaid with engraved leather, brass, horn, copper and mother-of-pearl. Bulle-style desk
Portrait de jeune femme by Drouais

Left Portrait de jeune femme by Drouais.

Above right the painted panel over the door to the "room of children".

Right a Severes porcelain clock attributed to Pierre Gouthiere. The circle of stones swings like a pendulum.

over-door painted wood panel

Sevres clock attributed to Pierre Gouthiere

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