2nd arrondissement, Paris

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Hotel Tubeuf, rue des Petit Champs

Above is the Hotel Tubeuf. It was rented by Mazarin, and then from 1724 until the revolution is was the location of the stock exchange.

Harry's bar, 5 rue Daunou

Harry's bar

Above Harry's Bar at 5 rue Daunaou. Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald drank here, and the first bloody Mary was made here.

Place Gaillon, Visconti's fountain Square louvios with Visconti's fountain
Drouant, 18 rue Gaillon

Above left and right are fountains by Visconti. That on the left is in Place Gaillon, and on the right is in Square Louvois. The one on the right represents France's four biggest rivers with female names; the Seine, Saone, Loire, and Garonne.

On the left is the restaurant Drouant at 18 rue Gaillon, just across from the fountain above left. This is where the winners of the Prix Goncourt, France's top literature prize, are announced every November.

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