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Batignolles hotel
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The 17th now contains what was once the village called Batignolles. It is in this area that many 17th century shopkeepers decided to settle once they had made enough money. Batignolles was absorbed into Paris in 1860. Above left is a hotel in rue de la Jonquière where you can hire rooms by the month, week or day. Further down the street is the baker below with the original glass and ceramic designs. These are becoming rare in modern Paris which is a great shame.

Cité des Fleurs

Left and above right are two houses in a street of remarkable houses. The name of the street is Cité des Fleurs and it is off rue de la Jonquière. The street has gates at both ends, but they are usually open in the daytime, so it is possible to wander down. Each house is different, and most are very pretty, ornate or interesting in some way. As you walk down this street it is hard to remember you are still in Paris.

17th apartments
These apartments (above) are opposite rue Colonel-Manhès. Note the green decoration running along the whole length.
Batignolles baker
Louis Monard sculpture

Sainte Marie des Batignolles
This very plain and uninteresting-looking church is in Place Dr. Félix Lobligeois. It was built in 1828 and is a rare example of religious architecture of the restoration period.

The sculpture on the left is by Louis Monard and dates from 1930. It is in the Square of Batignolles which is the biggest park in the 17th. It is much appreciated and used by the local birds. There are quite a few different species of wildfowl in the park and they are all quite tame, but there are warnings requesting visitors not to feed them.

Hotel Gaillard

The building below is truly magnificent, unfortunately my photograph does not do it justice as the trees were in the way, it is in Place du Général-Catroux, very near Parc Monceau in the 8th. It is well worth a visit. It is now occupied by the Bank of France, but was formerly the Hotel Gaillard.

Banque de France - Hotel Gaillard
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